LOXLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — UPDATED (3:09 p.m.) Loxley Police released a sketch of a suspect believed to have posed as a police officer who banged on a woman’s front door in the wee hours of the morning Thursday, October, 20, at a home on County Road 68 in a five-mile stretch between Highway 59 and the Baldwin Beach Express.

“The victim was asleep at the time and when she went to the door to open the door she didn’t get it quite all the way open when the suspect forced the door open,” says Lt. Doug Phillips with Loxley Police.

Once inside, police say she was raped. “There was an assault he supposedly struck her with some sort of instrument she described as a club or small bat and then some other struggles took place,” says Phillips.

He is described as a white male, in his early to mid-40s, with short dark hair and he was wearing a navy blue polo-type shirt with a gold shield badge. He also had a tattoo on his left forearm just above the wrist.

“We do not believe that they know each other but in her interview, she did make statements during the incident he was stating that he was conducting surveillance on her. He was watching her watching the house for how long we don’t know but he did admit that to her during the incident,” says Sgt. Zach Kuiken.

Investigators are pouring over hours of security camera footage from multiple sources trying to find someone who may fit the description and they need your help says, Phillips. “Anybody that has seen someone matching this description or recognize the tattoos or seen any kind of motive like this before we want to know any information about it.”

Police say before opening your door to anyone identify who it is. If they are claiming to be a police officer ask why they are there. If you still feel unsure call 911 or the agency they are with and confirm officers are supposed to be at your house.

Loxley Police are searching for a man who they said posed a police officer, “forced his way” inside a woman’s home and assaulted her early Thursday morning, according to a release from the LPD.

Police responded to a home in the Rosinton area off County Road 68 at around 4:40 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 20. A 49-year-old woman told police a white male forced his way into her home and assaulted her.

The woman said the man was knocking on her door yelling “Police.” The woman tried to open the door and the man forced his way in and hit her on the head. She said the man used a small club or bat to hit her.

“The two struggled and the suspect forced himself on her sexually,” reads the release.

The woman described the suspect:

  • white male
  • early-to-mid 40’s
  • dark hair in a high and tight cut
  • stud type earring in the right ear
  • Jesus fish tattoo on his lower left forearm just above his watch
  • wearing a Navy colored Polo type shirt with a logo patch on the chest
  • dark cargo pocket-type pants

This is an ongoing investigation and “any and all measures are being taken to identify this suspect,” according to the release.

LPD is asking for the public to reach out if they have any information in reference to this incident.