SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WKRG) – Surveillance video shows Zachary Childs alone and confused walking the halls of Rockwell Elementary School late Friday night.

“He just claims that he doesn’t remember anything. The video does show what appears to be that he is highly inebriated,” said Spanish Fort Police Sgt. Steven Mooney.

Spanish Fort Police arrested him Monday morning. He tells us he’s not sure how he got inside.

“Considering I have no memory,” he said as he was escorted to a police cruiser Monday. “No memory of that at all?,” asked reporter Blake Brown. “No,” he replied.

Investigators were quickly able to start piecing the night together through the school’s security cameras, though. They say after smashing three windows he was able to get inside the school. He left the same way he came in. But, it’s what he’s wearing in the video that gave police their first clue.

“He had bowling shoes on. We quickly traced that back that there was actually a private party occurring at the bowling alley,” Sgt. Mooney added.

Investigators tell us the night started at Eastern Shore Lanes. Someone at the bowling alley told police Childs left, walking to a gas station nearby for cigarettes. He says he doesn’t remember leaving or walking across Highway 31 to the campus. He also doesn’t remember why he wanted in so badly.

“You don’t remember breaking any glass or walking through the school?,” asked Blake Brown. Childs gave no answer.

“There was some extensive damage done and after a brief followup this morning it appears nothing was taken. Obviously, if he says he doesn’t remember anything we’re unable to establish a motive,” said Mooney.

A front classroom window is still boarded up. Crews spent the first part of Monday cleaning up glass inside. Childs is now booked into the Baldwin County Jail charged with burglary.