SILVERHILL, Ala. (WKRG) – New homes, businesses and a new elementary school are all signs that this small community is growing.

“We’ve got new shops that have opened up, we’ve got shops that have moved into larger locations. The growth in Silverhill has been the kind of growth we like to see,” said Town of Silverhill Mayor Jared Lyles.

That’s why Lyles says it’s important to make sure roads in the town are kept up and they’re prepared for what’s on the horizon.

“Before we did the Rebuild Alabama grant and got it two years ago it had been about 25 years since we had any major road project,” he explained.

But, now the town is getting the help to resurface, widen and pave roads that need it.

Congressman Jerry Carl secured a $500,000 federal grant in September to continue the work, but the funding won’t be immediate. The Town of Silverhill is also allotting money for the project.

“Our 10% match is ready. We’re ready to go, so really whenever the funds are available we’ll put out the job for bid and we’ll be ready to do it immediately,” said Lyles.

Mayor Lyles says construction of at least 700 new homes have been approved right outside of town limits. He knows it’s only a matter of time before the roads get even busier.