DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG) – It’s a major project that will take at least 9 months to complete once it starts in May.

“This is the intersection at Pollard Rd. and County Rd. 64 and it’s to help that intersection and help the flow of traffic,” said Daphne Mayor Robin LeJeune.

Mayor LeJeune says a roundabout won’t work logistically at County Rd. 64 and Pollard Rd., but new turning lanes and improvements will help keep traffic moving especially during peak morning and afternoon hours.

“We’re looking for alternatives to create other corridors that are east and west, but this is something that we know we can do now to try and help ease that as we are continuing to work on other corridors,” he explained.

The goal is to alleviate traffic congestion on County Rd. 64. LeJeune says it’s only getting busier and relief is needed soon. The project has been talked about for nearly two years.

“That is the main corridor of going east and west and getting people to downtown, getting people to Highway 98 and then getting people back out to Highway 181,” said LeJeune.

A separate project to repave Highway 64 between Highway 181 and Highway 98 will start once the upcoming project is completed.

“We haven’t wanted to start that project and then tear up something we’ve already done that’s new,” he continued.

He tells us by this time next year all of the road work in that area will be finished and drivers should be dealing with fewer backups during their commute. The total cost of the project isn’t known yet. Bids will be accepted next month.