LOXLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — A woman from Loxley is accused of financial exploitation of the elderly after allegedly taking thousands of dollars from her own father. Now the victim’s other daughter is trying to raise awareness so other families know what to look for.

Financial exploitation is a crime that can happen quietly and often comes from a trusted person. Earlier this month 44-year-old Barbara Minor was arrested for felony financial exploitation of the elderly–I reached out to her and she said was taking care of their dad not taking advantage of him.

Investigators claim Barbara Minor was taking money from her elderly father John Minor who has dementia.
Court documents claim, during the summer, Minor traveled to the Circle K on Highway 59 in Loxley, Country Convenience in Loxley, and Buc-ee’s on I-10 and maxed out credit cards to the tune of more than $24,000.
John Minor is now with his other daughter in Arkansas–Brookie Julian–who’s also the suspect’s sister. Barbara Minor says she was caring for her dad and had permission to use the money to pay expenses
Her sister Julian says elder abuse can only stop if people speak up.

“Be an advocate for your neighbor, for your friend, even if you’re in an assisted living community and you’re noticing it, say something because you could really save someone,” said the sister of the suspect, Brookie Julian. “There were a lot of mixed emotions in the beginning because I thought she was somebody different and when I found out there were a lot of tears and crying and a lot more getting upset and saying something has to be done.” Barbara Minor says these allegations are not true. I reached her via phone Monday.

“I’ve yet to talk to an investigator to see actual proof of what’s being held against me, I’ve just been arrested and that’s all,” said Minor. “If there was ever a dime that was spent by myself it was by permission only. I didn’t even live with my dad and I took care of him.” An investigator with Loxley Police says Barbara Minor and another woman stole her dad’s cars four cars and resold them for money. Minor also denies this allegation.

I reached out to the Baldwin County District Attorney’s Office for more information on the financial exploitation of the elderly. ADA Kristi Hagood had a short list of recommendations for reducing the risk:

  1. Have a trusted friend or family member regularly review bank statements to see if money is being inappropriately taken or transferred. If you see something inappropriate, report it to the bank immediately.
  2. Have a trusted friend or family member regularly review credit card statements to see if things are being inappropriately charged. If you see something inappropriate, report it to the credit card company immediately.
  3. Get a credit report to see what credit accounts are open in the person’s name so you know what all needs to be monitored.
  4. Go through the major credit monitoring services to “lock” the person’s credit so new accounts cannot be opened with that person’s name or personal information.

She writes “If you suspect that an elderly friend or family member is being or has been financially exploited, contact local law enforcement so that they can investigate the situation.”