LOXLEY, Ala. (WKRG) – Loxley Police are asking residents to remain alert, but to be careful when believing every social media post about suspicious activity in recent days.

Facebook rumors have been circulating for days with some thinking recent incidents, including a report of a suspicious person near a home on Loxley Woods Ln., are related to an assault that was reported on October 20th in the Rosinton community. At this time police believe the reports are not related.

“None of these calls for service were related to the crime that occurred October 20th. We have confirmed a “suspicious person” wearing a Black hoodie was a young adult involved in an altercation with another male over a mutual girlfriend and a “suspicious vehicle” in the area was contacted several times and confirmed to be a hunter in the area setting up stands and preparing property for season,” Loxley Police said in a statement Monday.

Loxley Police say they’re treating each call seriously and are following up with every lead. Investigators say more officers are patrolling neighborhoods and they’re also meeting with homeowner’s association’s to hear their concerns. The Loxley Police Department says if you see something to report it, but to be cautious with what you see on social media.

“This spread of false or partial information can cause unnecessary concerns. All citizens, regardless of current incidents, should always be diligent in their homes and communities. Just a few tips would be make sure the exterior of your home and yard are well lit, install security cameras or even use a trail camera, lock your vehicles and do not leave valuables in visible areas, and report suspicious activity immediately to assist law enforcement in contacting persons,” the statement continued.