LOXLEY, Ala. (WKRG) – What used to be a small town off of Interstate 10 in Baldwin County is now a booming hotspot for new industries and growth.

“The town has grown by 127% and we think that’s the largest in the county. Our old numbers were 1632 and our new numbers are 3710. That’s 3710 new residents in Loxley since the 2010 census,” said Loxley Mayor Richard Teal.

Those new numbers are putting the town on the map as a city now that more than 2,000 residents call Loxley home. Mayor Teal is working with his staff to make that transition, although it’s not certain yet what it all means. 

“I understand it could be 120 days or it could be immediately. We’re just doing the research to see what’s next for Loxley and it’s exciting,” he said.

Its close proximity to I-65 and I-10 is helping to attract the grocery chain ALDI to build their regional headquarters in Loxley. Imperial Dade is also expanding their business north of the interstate with a new facility. Both businesses are bringing dozens of jobs to Baldwin County, but Mayor Teal says this is just the beginning.

“Now as we move into a city, as a mayor, it’s exciting to maybe have some of what the other cities have like restaurants, better ball fields and so forth,” Teal continued.

Mayor Teal wants the small town feel to stay, but says this next step is needed to stay competitive with other municipalities in the area.