BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) —As parents continue to hunt for baby formula through this nationwide shortage, one local mother is donating her own breast milk to mothers who may need it.

Victoria Monarch of Fairhope pumps for her 6-week-old baby and is now pumping her breast milk for other babies locally.

“Just to help out families,” said Monarch. “I’ve been thinking about all these babies who are going hungry and moms who are spacing out bottles and trying to make everything work, and I just really wanted to help them out.”

Victoria Monarch posted on Facebook, letting the community she has an overstock of milk.

In the last 48 hours, she has donated several ounces.

“I want to do anything from helping them if they’re supplementing to help mix it with their formula or if they’re a new mom,” said Monarch. “Like today I donated to a new mom until her breast milk can come in she can use the milk I donated to her.”

With people resorting to desperate measures during this nationwide formula shortage, officials with USA Health say many parents have reached out asking questions about donor breast milk.

The health system released a statement saying:

“The American Academy of Pediatrics does not encourage the use of informally shared breast milk because of the possible exposure of alcohol, drugs (both prescribed and recreational), or other contaminants that may cause harm to a baby. Instead, we suggest reaching out to a human milk bank. Milk in “banks” undergo rigorous testing before it is available for infant consumption.”

Whether parents choose to go through milk banks or private donors like Monarch they are doing what is needed to ensure babies are getting nutrients during these hard times.

For more information on breast milk banks, USA officials direct you to this link.