DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG) — Grade schoolers in Daphne get some important lessons about money and life. The annual Eastern Shore Children’s Business Fair brings together dozens of young entrepreneurs to sharpen their skills. Daphne’s Centennial Park was crowded Saturday with tents, each set up for tiny businesses. They’re small shops for kids who are dreaming big–like Addelyn and her family’s pickle recipe.

“But maybe I can one day grow my own cucumbers on a farm and then I can make a double pickle thing,” said the 7th Grader with a smile. 50 small businesses in one place, from baking to woodworking, they’re working on the art of the deal.

“I like making deals because I get more money and stuff so far, but also it’s a good deal to get a deal,” said 4th Grader Davis Gresham. Among the dozens of businesses. One of the main goals is for kids to get better at doing something they love and also maybe make a little money while they’re doing it.

“For things that I actually want. I like save up and I don’t spend it all as soon as I get it,” said 5th Grader Kenadi Kiernan. Organizers say the kids learn how to manage their business, how to manage money, or things as simple as how to count change–skills that can be important later in life.

“It’s business skills that they can carry with them into adulthood and will help them as they are seeking jobs when they are teenagers and seeking jobs when they’re grown up,” said Director of the Eastern Shore Children’s Business Fair Lynne Holloway.

65 kids taking part in the 6th annual fair–a chance to show off small gifts they could grow into something bigger. For more information on the Children’s Business Fair go to their Facebook page.