FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) – Investigators were called to a home on Greenway Drive in Foley Saturday night. A family member inside was reaching out for help, according to the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office.

“Someone in the home called a third party. That third party is actually who called the sheriffs office,” said Lt. Andre Reid.

He says several relatives were attending a family function at the home when Scott Blackwell’s behavior suddenly changed.

“He was armed with a weapon and it was more of a welfare check is what they were asking for. Within a few minutes the situation turned deadly,” Reid explained.

When deputies arrived they found Scott and his wife Cindy shot to death inside. “Mr. Blackwell ended up shooting and killing his wife and in turn a family member ended up shooting and killing him,” he said.

Reid says that particular family member was acting in self defense, protecting other relatives from gunfire. He tells us the Blackwells were going through a rough divorce and he believes that ultimately led to an altercation Saturday night.

“It’s not finalized yet, but through that separation his behavior has changed and become a little bit mostly unstable and I believe that’s what led to this. You have this large family all together and they all witnessed this event unfold,” Reid continued.

Investigators can’t say yet how many shots were fired. They’re waiting on autopsy results to be released this week.

“There’s a lot we’ll learn from that. We’ll continue to work with our crime scene people. They’re finishing up processing all of that evidence. That will take several days and then we’ll be presenting to a Grand Jury,” he said.

In the meantime, the family asks for privacy during this difficult time. Lt. Reid has already met with those relatives inside the home, offering support as the investigation continues.

“No one needs to go through a situation like that. It can be very traumatic, so I hope that they can put the pieces back together after this event. Just know that we’re doing our best to dig through this case and make sure that we have everything in order,” Lt. Reid said.