FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WKRG) – Next year, the Highway 104 and Section Street intersection north of downtown Fairhope will look much different.

“A roundabout is known to help with traffic accidents, plus to keep traffic flowing and that intersection as you have all of those roads coming into one area it really is not safe,” said Mayor Sherry Sullivan.

It’s an update to a story we’ve previously reported and now the framework of the project is starting to come together. 

“The process of building a roundabout is moving faster than originally planned,” according to Sullivan.

Engineering will now start this year instead of 2023, bringing much needed improvements and relief to one of Fairhope’s busiest intersections.

“It is a dangerous intersection. You have four roads that are coming into that intersection. There have been some really bad wrecks there and we’re really looking forward to having that roundabout there just for the safety of it,” Sullivan said.

She says construction on the roundabout should take about a year to complete once crews break ground on the project. Construction is scheduled to begin early next year based on current plans, which means the roundabout could be open towards the end of 2023. Mayor Sullivan tells us if engineering would have started next year as originally planned, the project may not have been finished until 2024.

The project is funded by the Eastern Shore Metropolitan Planning Organization and it’s one Mayor Sullivan claims to support. She mentions roundabouts have improved traffic flow and have helped to reduce the number of accidents along County Road 13.

Now, she’s ready for those traffic trends to trickle closer to the downtown district.