BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — Closed and broken, fenced off or off-limits are all signs left by Hurricane Sally. May marks 19 months since the hurricane made landfall in Baldwin County. “It’s very frustrating at times how long it takes,” said Orange Beach city administrator Ken Grimes.

In Orange Beach, contractors have begun demolition of the Waterfront Park pier on Wolf Bay. What took minutes to destroy will take six months or more to rebuild. “So we hope this fall we will have a nice new pier for people to walk on,” said Grimes.

The same can’t be said for the city’s 12 canoe and kayak launches. The redesigning, engineering and permitting process is underway but they most likely won’t be open again until the end of the year.

At Perdido Pass, Seawall Park is another project waiting on repairs. A large portion remains fenced off because of what you can’t see, an unstable sea wall. Bids go out next month for a project that will extend the current sightseeing and fishing wall all the way under the bridge. “A lot of things right now are having delays because of materials, due to transportation, due to workforce,” said Grimes. “So all of those are factors to projects not being as quick as they once were. The prices are also higher.”

For folks on Perdido Bay the Lillian Boat Launch is their go-to spot. It was already slated for an upgrade when Sally hit. The piers, docks and bulkhead will be replaced. County engineers are close to finishing the design and plans but it could still be after summer before repairs are made.