LILLIAN, Ala. (WKRG) — Out of the hospital with a bullet hole through her right calf, Lillian veterinarian Dr. Susan Wells is still trying to make sense of it all. “He was shooting at us, absolutely shooting at us.”

Saturday investigators say Ernest Jett pulled a mini-Draco automatic pistol and started shooting at a group that had gathered for a hunting dog competition in Jackson County, Florida.

Wells had just arrived when she saw a figure about 30 yards away.

“We didn’t pay much attention to him coming across a field till he swings out a weapon and it was like what are you doing.”

Veterinarian Dr. Susan Wells is recovering at home after being shot over the weekend near Dothan.

She told everyone, “He’s shooting at us. Run!” As she turned, a burning sensation tore through her leg. “The entry wound is about right here,” she says pointing at her bandaged right leg, “and the exit is out the back and today it’s pretty big. It’s a hunk.”

Friends pulled her into a horse trailer while bullets zinged off the ground and the trailer.

“Saw him drop the empty clip out of the weapon, put another one in and continue to shoot,” she says.

Through all of this, her thoughts were on her horses and dogs tied outside. She was sure they had been wounded or worse, “and I can’t get to my animals to check them.”

They are all okay and she says, she will be too.

“How he only hit me in one place I have no idea. I mean, we are so blessed.”

Earnest Jett, 47, arrested near Dothan.

Jett remains in the Houston County Jail. He is expected to be extradited back to Florida where he will face among other charges, attempted murder.