FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) An almost unimaginable sight at Southside Baptist Cemetery in Foley Friday, a casket pushed from the earth and sitting above ground surrounded by water. Andrew Thomas, who has family buried in the cemetery says it’s not the first time. “I know there was going to be some graves that floats up with that kind of water.”

This time, two graves were unearthed by the water. Family members rushed to cover both of them with tarps. “That’s the third time,” said one man as he covered his sister-in-law’s grave.

Water inundated the cemetery. Watermarks left on headstones show the rushing water was at least a foot deep and under the tarp, the casket exposed, the water still there. “They call themselves fixing this before but they didn’t do a real good job,” says Thomas.

The drainage pipes they say are too small, a ditch that had diverted water has been filled in and they say, new neighborhoods popping up throughout the area is making a bad drainage problem even worse. “Fix what we got here before you let all these new companies come in here and put these houses in here and running all the water back on the poor people,” says Thomas.

One grave is empty now. The casket and the loved one inside returned to the mortuary until the water subsides. A place to rest in peace, anything but peaceful for the living and the dead.