Healthcare expert suggests growing demand for front office employees

Baldwin County

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — It’s an industry that’s more important now more than ever. Non-essential medical employees are coming back to work and things are slowly starting to pick up.

“They’re not coming back evenly, so front office patient-facing roles are absolutely coming back first, but because those are coming back that’s going to drive demand for back office type roles like transcription, coding and billing,” said Misty Frost, CEO of Carrus, a training and education company focused on healthcare.

She tells WKRG News 5’s Blake Brown the demand is still there for workers.

“There’s a huge demand for people who have training in telehealth because hospitals didn’t have great infrastructure to support telehealth before and they have to have it now,” she adds.

Throughout the week Misty communicates with healthcare workers and decision makers across the country. She says healthcare employers right now are looking for workers with solid patient care skills.

“If you’re a displaced worker who’s coming out of hospitality you actually have a lot of really relevant experience in dealing with the public, particularly folks who might be in distress or be in a heightened emotional state,” added Frost.

Frost adds that prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, research estimated over 2 million jobs would be created. The good news so far, she says, the number of people going into those jobs hasn’t increased to meet that demand.


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