GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG)– Being able to respond quickly to a medical emergency is also a concern for law enforcement. And for the last two days, the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office and other agencies have been training hard, to make sure their staff is ready to respond in such situations.

Srgt. Justin Correa, with Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office, says it’s a priority to stay on top of training and new tactics.

“The whole point of the training is medical, we train in a lot of aspects in this job but medical is one of the most important ones that I think we can focus on,” Correa said.

The Gulf Shores Police Department and Fire Department are here with the Baldwin County Sheriffs Office to learn all kinds of new medical tactics for any kind of situation.

The teams took turns playing parts in a real-life scenario where medical attention is needed immediately. From checking a pulse to carrying a victim out the correct way, every aspect is important.

“Police work and SWAT obviously are a very big responsibility, especially in today’s time and it’s not just going in and taking someone to jail, sometimes it’s being the first on the scene and having to perform a rescue,” Correa said.

And protecting Alabama’s biggest county is a team effort.

“The fire department really took a lot of time and resources to put into this and we are right here in the same county and for us to be able to bring those resources together and know we are on the same page, it’s just very important” Correa said.

As Baldwin County continues to grow, more training will take place.

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