GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG) – A student at Gulf Shores Middle School brought a pocket knife to school Wednesday morning. Principal Kim Earley sent a “courtesy message” to parents after the student was found with the pocket knife on the school playground. Principal Earley says no one was injured and the incident is being handled “swiftly and appropriately”.  

Full text of the message is below.

This is Mrs. Earley at Gulf Shores Middle – This is a courtesy message – This is NOT an emergency message. This message is let you know that we did have a student to bring a pocket knife to school this morning and the student had the pocket knife on the playground. No one was injured. I am following up on this matter, as is our SRO and we are handling it swiftly and appropriately. All is well at Gulf Shores Middle. Thank you for allowing me to update you on this matter.