GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG) — A crew of police, fire and city personnel from Gulf Shores are heading to Hammond, La., Wednesday morning. A convoy of vehicles left the parking lot of the Gulf Shores Publix just after 8 am.

Before leaving they bought food and other supplies. They are loaded with tarps, tools, and enough food and fuel to last through the weekend.

They’re going to help local first responders whose homes have been damaged. Gulf Shores firefighter Cody Campbell grew up near Hammond and talked with us Tuesday. He said he was eager to get back home to help.

“I’m just ready to get over there and help all the people that helped us after hurricane Sally,” Campbell said.

Joining the convoy was a mechanic from the city’s public works department plus an IT worker.

“We knew what a stress reliever it was to have police officers, relief agencies show up from across the region last year so we could continue to work,” said Dan Netemeyer, deputy chief of police. “That’s why we are doing this. Its such a stress reliever. You cant describe how it feels when you’re at work and you know you have stuff to do at home and somebody shows up at your house and takes care of the issues.”

The team expects to be gone for five or six days but will stay longer if needed.