GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG)– Livy and Abby are two sisters visiting the Gulf Coast from Tennessee. When they went for lunch with their parents at DeSoto’s, they got kids menus unlike any other.

The menus included beach safety tips and information. Their mom, Michelle King, says it’s a great reminder as they kick their family vacation off.

“It’s just nice, letting them know, if you see the flags, help us remember, if there is red we need to not go in and if there are two reds then we probably should definitely not go in,” said King. “It’s been a while since we been here so they have no idea what the colors mean, so it was nice going over it.”

The man who came up with the idea is Justin Parks, a Gulf Shores firefighter.

“I have a daughter who is younger and and two young boys as well and when they are doing those activity sheets, I am engaged in what they are doing so the goal with these is the kids are looking at these activity sheets and the parents are looking at them as well,” Parks said.

There are currently 10 restaurants here in Gulf Shores that have these type menus and Parks says that he hopes to get them in all the restaurants on the island.

“There is rip current safety information and information on how to understand the beach warning flag safety system,” said Parks. “There is also a QR code parents can scan which takes them to the beach safe program website where they can get more information on beach safety.”

Parks also said if you are someone interested in these menus, you can contact the Gulf Shores Fire Department and they will be happy to print off one for free.