GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG) — The social media platform TikTok is buzzing right now over three couples who are making a huge difference in thousands of people’s lives.

“We truly do feel like we’re all there for one another,” said J.T. Laybourne.

He and his wife Brooklyn live in Utah and they’ve become almost overnight stars on TikTok, posting short video clips with over a million followers.

“I ended up getting contacted by the American Heart Association. They have been on TikTok for a while and they were looking for a little more awareness and trying to grow the page,” Laybourne said.

J.T. had his first open-heart surgery at just 4-years-old and had the surgery again in May of this year. The American Heart Association is something he’s been passionate about throughout his life.

“This all happened and unfolded on TikTok. My wife did a really good job of informing this amazing community that we had become a part of every step of the way, where things stood,” he added.

Back in April the couple met friends on the social media platform who would eventually become something more.

“The friendship that we have formed with these people, I can’t even express,” added TikTok star Edward Dudez’s wife, Taylor.

They live in Gulf Shores. Other stars Dan and Kellie Henry live about 10 minutes from J.T. and Brooklyn in Utah. To help raise awareness for the American Heart Association they started posting videos and live streams supporting J.T., which quickly gained a lot of attention.

“It felt really cool to see people supporting a cause that just meant a lot to me,” said Laybourne.

In a matter of days, the couples raised over $300,000 with the help of nearly 9,000 followers from 17 different countries.

“They talked to the right dude and the right dude talked to the right charity and it is the best thing that could happen to end this year,” said Dudez.

J.T. never imagined over $300,000 would be donated all because of these simple, yet powerful videos. They’re not saying what’s next, but they promise something big is coming next year.