GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG) — Baldwin County is one of the fastest growing areas in the state, which means more students enrolling in local school systems. Gulf Shores City Schools has an average of 200 new students per school year. With such rapid growth, school leaders believe it’s time to expand.

City of Gulf Shores Project Manager and Director Noel Hand says it’s time to add a few more classrooms to accommodate the growth.

“We are building an eight-classroom addition,” said Hand. “It’s 12,300 square feet and it’s going to be able to accommodate the need of the students.”

The eight new classrooms will be built at Gulf Shores Elementary School, designed just like the new STEAM lab classrooms recently built at the school. The project is expected to cost $4.1 million.

“This eight-classroom addition will have the garage doors,” said Hand. “It will have and be able to have the collaborative space inside the hallways.”

The ground has been broken where the new classrooms will be built.

“This is going to be from the steam collaborative center and will be to the east side of that building, it’s just going to be an extension of the collaborative STEAM Lab,” said Hand.

Hand also explained that construction will begin the first week of November and the eight classrooms should be completed and ready for students by the 2023 school year.