BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — Anytime a lot of rain falls at once, old, smaller drainage pipes can’t keep up with the demand.

A stormwater grant from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management will resolve those flooding problems along County Road 68 near Buc-ee’s and at Main Street and Forest Park Drive near Montrose.

“What we’re trying to do is not only replace a failing structure because of its age but also upsize it to make sure it can accommodate the current rain events that we have periodically in Baldwin County,” said Mark Acreman, assistant county engineer.

Acreman says these two locations desperately need the repairs.

Soon, the design phase will begin. That’ll take about six months, so work on both projects likely won’t begin for about a year.

“Which is a preferred time of the year. It’s a little slower, especially on CR 68. We have a lot of traffic during the summer that cuts between Buc-ee’s and Highway 59, so we want to make sure that we time that project at a slow time of the year to minimize traffic impacts,” Acreman said.

Even though ADEM is paying for a large portion of the projects, the county will still pay for some of the work.

The Main Street improvements are expected to cost the county $81,000. They’ll spend $162,000 for the work on CR 68.

The projects will go out for bid in the middle of next year.

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