UPDATE: Thursday, Oct. 5 corporate offices responded to the latest fuel mix-up at their Foley location with this statement from Emily Pickering, VP of the Castle Group:

“We are aware of some complaints received in regards to the diesel fuel at our Tom Thumb location in Foley, AL. At this time, the pumps are shut down as we work closely with the Department of Agriculture to determine next steps. Any customers who feel that their vehicle may have been impacted are encouraged to contact us at GuestServices@eg-america.com or call 800-225-9702.”

FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — State inspectors with the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries were notified by motorists who noticed something wrong with their vehicles after filling up at the Tom Thumb off Highway 59 in Foley.

The storage tanks were tested, and the results found the diesel tanks were contaminated with gasoline.

Now, all of the pumps are bagged and a “Stop Sale” order has been issued by the state.

One motorist tells News 5 he filled up Friday. He didn’t drive his 2022 F350 truck over the weekend, but when he did crank it, he knew something wasn’t right. Several hundred dollars later, his fuel system has since been purged, but the dealership said he will need to change the fuel system to the tune of $12,000 to $15,000.

The local manager could not comment on this latest mix-up. News 5 has reached out to the corporate offices of Tom Thumb but have not gotten a response yet.

It was a similar story six months ago when dozens of vehicles were damaged after motorists unknowingly pumped diesel fuel into their cars at the premium unleaded pumps. Tests revealed diesel fuel in the holding tanks designated for premium unleaded gasoline.

This may not be the only issue facing the store. According to the inspection report, the store never got the state’s clearance to resume selling fuel after the April mix-up, and that is a violation of state law.