FORT MORGAN, Ala. (WKRG) — From a 40-year-old wooden pier shutdown in 2014 due to safety concerns, to a new 500-foot concrete pier that is “almost” finished, construction of the new Fort Morgan Fishing pier has come a long way.

The concrete deck has been poured and crews are finishing the railing that will surround the pier which is something the old pier didn’t have.

The “L” shaped pier runs more than 300 feet into Mobile Bay and another 200 feet parallel to the shore. The deck is 40 feet wide and eight feet above the water’s surface.

State conservation officials said the pier is not only for fishing but serves as protection for the boat basin and ramp.

It looks like the soonest anyone will be fishing from the new pier will be in August, that is if there are no more delays from weather, supply chain challenges and labor shortages.