FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — Foley residents are concerned about a handful of books that are in the young adult section at the Foley Public Library as some have sexual graphics and content.

Rows and rows of books on the shelf in the young adult section at the Foley Public Library, and a handful of those books portray explicit sexual and graphic content. In some residents’ eyes, these books should be prohibited to minors.

Jack Green has been a Foley resident for years and said he wants the city and county he lives in to keep their morals as well as look out for minors.  

“I am here firmly against this filth in the library,” Green said. “These children don’t need to be subjective to this type of thing. We are supposed to be a Christian county, and we need to act like it.”

Right now, the library requires children 15 and below to have parental approval before checking books out.

Foley Mayor Ralph Hellmich said the city has heard the concerns.

“They have outlined their concerns,” Hellmich said. “Our council has heard it, and we will look at what we will do in our library, and we will make whatever necessary changes that need to be done.”

There are 24 books in the young adult section being reevaluated at the Foley Public Library. It will then be determined if the books belong on the shelves at all.

Foley resident Stephanie Williams spoke up at the city council meeting Monday night.

“I can’t see where there is any limitations on children with a library card putting a hold on this material,” Williams said.

Williams created a packet full of the book names and pages that have explicit graphics and content to show the council.

Green said the community needs to speak up before this issue continues to happen.

“The way filth like this gets embedded in the community is for the community to say nothing,” Green said. “Speak up and if you do not get up and speak up, not only are we going to lose our children but also our community,”  Green said.

The books are in the process of being reevaluated, and Mayor Hellmich said by the next council meeting they should have some answers and maybe some solutions to this issue.