FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — A trickle of water is all that’s able to flow downstream in south Foley to the Bon Secour River and when it rains not only are homes impacted but miles away in downtown Foley the water backs up into major roadways.

“It travels south into this basin too,” says city public works director Darrell Russell. “So, it’s a massive drain for the city.”

A drainage project began last month to correct the problem turning what was overgrown into what it was supposed to look like. Still, the water wasn’t flowing. “There is more debris, the beavers had a massive dam they had it blocked.”

Timbers were laid on top of a massive beaver dam that has blocked the flow of the Bon Secour River. Crews are working to free everything downstream before they break up the beaver dam.

But, it’s not just the beavers doing the damage. There is plenty of man-made stuff here too according to Russell. “Shopping carts, tires, shot-up TVs.”

The city is now pouring another 169 thousand dollars into the drainage project and in the next couple of weeks, the water that has backed up into neighborhoods and streets will go where it’s supposed to the next time a storm or heavy rain comes this way.