Foley neighborhood depending on the kindness of neighbors

Hurricane Sally

FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) A welcome sight as power crews, tree crews and debris trucks enter into neighborhoods of Foley that some say have been forgotten in the recovery effort.

But even in the worse of times, “I know a lot of people have power but this little section doesn’t,” Kendra Parker finds the silver lining. “A lot of us have been trying to help each other run generators and things so it’s been a blessing in a way because people come together at a time like this.”

It’s been a long week for most. “I’m just tired and wanting a hot bath. I’ve been taking baby wipe baths.” Still without electricity, Toni Phillips has seen the power of neighbors helping neighbors. “I wish the world could see our little bit of heaven in LA, Lower Alabama, cause they are all pulling together. We all are.”

The lights will come back on, the streets cleared and at some point Sally will be a memory. Just not yet.


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