FORT MORGAN, Ala. (WKRG) — Baldwin County drivers are struggling on flooded roads and for most vacationers, their trips to the Gulf Coast were ruined by the recent rainfall.

The rain has been non-stop for two months straight in Baldwin County. The flooding has become a major concern for coastal cities as well as tourism.

City of Gulf Shores leader, Grant Brown, said it’s not normal for this much rainfall at this time of the year.

“This is a slower time weekday for us, we get more weekend business but it’s a lot of short-term booking stuff, so as people are looking ahead and watching the forecasts, as they are seeing these forecasts look for rain, they’ll probably change their plans,” said Brown.

Floodwaters in Fort Morgan and Gulf Shores are causing backups along the roads and waterways. Fort Morgan has one road that leads to the area, Highway 180, and that has been completely flooded. The City of Gulf Shores has major flooding as well.

“The beach area, around the little lagoon area, plash island community, which is down our waterway west boulevard, north of our intercoastal waterway so we do have a lot of areas that are prone to flooding conditions with high water tables as the canal rises that is where all the water from Gulf Shores drains,” said Brown.

The rain has not given the Gulf Coast a break and Brown urges everyone to drive smart when there are flooded roads.