ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WKRG) — Red snapper, a fish that might have put Orange Beach on the map, is filling up coolers and making anglers happy again.

“It was good,” says Tyler Wilson, who drove in from Florida. “We caught ’em pretty quick, which is easier this time of year when it’s early, it gets a little difficult as the season goes on.”

Within hours of putting the boats in the water, many were already coming back with their limit. “The deeper you go the better the fish,” says Byron King from Rosinton. “We had our limit come in a little closer found some more fish, they were smaller, still keepers but we let ’em go.”

For most, like Joshua Fowler, there is no better time to go red snapper fishing than on the first day. “Opening day, you got better chances ’cause they are not gun shy yet like deer season. Once they see some bait and a few boats, then they get harder to catch.”

Ferron Smith and his grandson Brockton might have had the best day. “He caught about eight or 10 snapper, but we could only keep two,” Smith said.

Hauling in red snapper, triggerfish, and some Spanish mackerel, it was a trip that wasn’t just about the fish. “It was a great day. What was the best part? Well, being with my grandson.” And that may be the best fish story of all.

Recreational season is just on the weekends, and it doesn’t have an ending date yet. That will depend on the amount of fish caught. The 63-day charter season starts June 1 and runs through Aug. 3.