BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) – For the last two days meetings are being held in various cities to discuss a plan forward and address Baldwin County’s growth.

“These engagement meetings are an opportunity for citizens to participate in the process, give us their feedback, ask questions of us and tell us their concerns,” said Deputy Planning & Zoning Director Buford King.

The county is working with outside consultants to come up with a master plan to figure out what Alabama’s largest County should like between now and 2040. Baldwin County is ranked the 7th fastest growing metropolitan area in the country.

“We have a unique product that people in other parts of the state and other counties want a part of this. They’re willing to spend the money to come here, but we have to have a plan for managing that demand,” added King.

One of the biggest concerns seems to be how fast the county is growing and development pushing towards rural areas.

“Traffic, conversion of farmland into residential properties, and overall density of growth in certain areas,” he continued.

Nearly 2300 Baldwin County residents completed a survey prior to this week’s meetings. That information, along with feedback from county leaders, will now be reviewed and carefully considered going forward.

“It’ll be an actual document that’s called “Our Vision” that we will present to the Baldwin County Planning Commission and also present it to the Baldwin County Commission for adoption and if adopted it will be a guidance document for future growth and development,” King said.

We’re told it could take up to a year for the official document to be adopted.