LOXLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — Almost everywhere you look in the Loxley Heights community, there is a reminder of someone who is no longer here.

“Tomeca had a big heart,” said her godmother Delores Johnson. “She would do and give her last to anybody.”

Tomeca Richardson, or “Meke” as she was called by all who loved her, is remembered on t-shirts and on a banner hanging at a gathering place in the community. The banner serves as a reminder of what her family, her community has lost. “A gift from heaven that God sent down to help everybody because that is what she did,” said her sister Latoya.

There is also a grim reminder. A small wooden bench covered in flowers. “This is where my sister collapsed and took her last breath right here,” said Latoya.

May 5 was a night of confusion, chaos and gunfire. One person was wounded by gunfire and Richardson was killed. “What they stole from us was something precious,” said Johnson.

Two months after that awful night, family members are frustrated no one has been charged with her death. “If they would at least charge, do a charge and we will all get some peace at least some rest until court and let the court do their job,” said Johnson. “12 jurors to do that to prove guilty or not.”

Early on investigators identified Shawndra Davis, 52, as the prime suspect. She is in jail on assault charges but not for killing Richardson, yet.

Shawndra Davis, 52, was arrested May 12, 2022, on assault charges stemming from the Loxley Heights incident and on an outstanding warrant. She remains in the Baldwin County Jail.

“We are going to pursue a charge of murder,” said Loxley Police Investigator Zach Kuiken. Building the case has taken time. “We want to be patient. We want to be thorough with this case. We don’t want to rush anything. This case goes to trial and a defendant is acquitted you don’t get a second chance so we want to make sure it’s done right.”

“We’ve been peaceful, waiting peaceful, we still peaceful but our patience is running very thin,” said Johnson. “We want those charges to update to murder,” said cousin Brittany Francis. “Murder, that’s what we need.”

Investigators said they are waiting for the results of forensic testing and digital evidence before moving forward with any upgraded charges.