FORT MORGAN, Ala. (WKRG) — For the first time, we’re getting a look into the life of Mike Pitts, one of two shrimpers that died when their boat capsized in the Mobile Bay off of Fort Morgan the day after Thanksgiving.

Pitts’ sister, Gail Hester, says his siblings all live in different states, from Georgia to Maine, but that Pitts left Georgia at age 14 to head to the Gulf Coast and pursue a fishing career.

“He’d a been a shrimper all his life, a fisherman really, out on them boats,” she told News 5 over the phone, exclusively.

Hester also says that even though she was the older sister, Pitts was always someone she could count on.

“He was good. He never lied to nobody, he always told the truth. If anybody ever needed help or needed any money he was there to help,” she said.
“And as I said, I guess he died happy. Because that’s what he liked doing.”

Anthony Conway of Silverhill also passed away when the boat capsized.

The Coast Guard is still investigating the incident.