Family of man killed at Bay Minette gas station, including sister who was stabbed, speak out

Baldwin County

BAY MINETTE, Ala. (WKRG) — The family of Larry Smith, Jr., who was shot and killed at a Bay Minette gas station in March during a fight, does not believe justice is being served.

The man accused of killing him, Alonzo Hale, is out on bond.

“It’s more than just a young man being murdered. This is happening too often, and there’s nothing being done about it. I feel like people are just like, ‘I can go pick up a gun today and shoot and kill someone tomorrow and ain’t nothing really gonna happen to me,'” said Darnickka Smith, one of Larry’s older sisters. “Being on house arrest is not OK. That’s not enough. Our brother’s life ended that day, that second. His should have too.”

The District Attorney’s Office says Hale’s case has not been taken to a grand jury yet, because of coronavirus court setbacks. Once that’s rescheduled, a grand jury could move to indict Hale on capital murder instead of just murder – which would revoke his bond.

Larry’s other sister, Sharrickka, was stabbed at the gas station that night. She says they were blindsided and targeted at the gas station, and were just there to pick some things up from the store.

“It’s not like we just met up and were like, let’s fight. That’s not what happened,” she said. “We had a disagreement at the bar. They came here [to the family’s home], we had a fight out here, we go to the store two hours later thinking it’s over with.”

She added that her brother was not under the influence of alcohol.

“My brother does not do drugs, he’s a normal, teenage kid, no trouble,” said Darnickka.

The woman charged with stabbing Sharrickka has also been released from jail. She was charged with assault. More of our interview with the family can be seen in the video below.


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