FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WKRG) — 16-year-old Lena Amare enjoys using her talents to create art by drawing and painting.

“I don’t have to think a lot about what I’m doing and I can just sit there and let my emotions go into my brush strokes and not have to worry about the critique of the art itself because its very expressive and up to interpretation,” said Amare.

The Fairhope High School junior has designed a t-shirt that combines her love of art and a creature native to the gulf coast.

“I love turtles,” said Amare. “There’s no simpler way to put it.”

The front of the shirt features Fairhope’s iconic clock and a turtle with a message to “Respect The Locals.”

On the back, is her painting of a turtle with the name of a project in the works to build a turtle sanctuary, “Feather The Nest.”

Her passion for turtles came from volunteering at the Pelican’s nest, Downtown Fairhope’s science lab supported by FEEF, Fairhope Educational Enrichment Foundation. She finds turtles to be friendly and irresistable.

“They are, to me, they are more intelligent than people make them out to be,” said Amare. “When you walk into the Pelican’s Nest, they can recognize you. They start scrambling up the side of their tanks like waiting for you to open the door and feed them, take them out and clean their tank. It’s just adorable and inspiring to me.”

The t-shirts sell for $25 and benefit FEEF. If you’d like to order one click here.