FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WKRG) — The events that culminated in a shooting in Fairhope Wednesday have a months-long history. The homeowner at the center of the conflict told WKRG News 5, “it’s a big mess.”

Tyron Harris said this whole thing started months ago when he allowed Alan Kegelman to move his camper on his property in exchange for repairing roof damage caused by Hurricane Sally.

27-year-old Alan Kegelman is charged with first degree assault in the shooting on Wilson Lane in Fairhope Wednesday night

“He was going to come and put the roof on, and after you put the roof on you can leave,” said property-owner Benita Harris. But, that’s not what happened.

“I thinking I’m helping you, you helping me,” says Tyron Harris. “We’re scratching each other back and I didn’t get my back scratched. I got my best friend shot up.”

Instead of repairing the Harris house, they say Kegelman connected electricity from their house to his camper, connected to their sewer line, and then used all the building materials that were supposed to repair the roof.

“He took everything and built himself a deck on the back,” says Harris.

When he was told he would have to leave last November, Harris says it didn’t go well.

“That’s when he went to talking crazy saying, ‘I don’t have to go nowhere. Once I move on your property, it’s my property.'”

Wednesday it escalated further when Harris’ teenage stepdaughter got caught in an argument with Kegelman over a TV. Scared, she called her uncle to the house.

“The man came cussing and fussing so he went ‘Hey man why you talking to my niece like this for’. The man was cussing and fussing and he started cussing him out and the man shot him,” said Harris.

The unidentified victim remains in the hospital and is expected to be okay. Kegelman was arrested Wednesday night and is currently in the Baldwin County Jail charged with first-degree assault.