FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WKRG) – A busy stretch of road in Fairhope is causing a lot of confusion and now it needs a new name.

“It’s not really Highway 104. Highway 104 stops at Highway 98,” said Fairhope Mayor Sherry Sullivan Thursday morning.

The area west of Highway 98 and east of Section Street is showing up as Homestead Avenue on the phone’s GPS. Street signs read Highway 104, but Fairhope Mayor Sherry Sullivan says neither of those are really accurate and it’s creating problems for first responders.

“We want people to know, the ambulance, the police that’s where they’re dispatched through E-911. They need to know what strip of road they’re on and Highway 104 is a very long road that runs between Fairhope and Silverhill,” she added.

Baldwin County E-911 contacted city officials in late April requesting the road be renamed to help speed up response times in the area. Mayor Sullivan says they’re in the process of doing that, but it will take several more weeks before a new name is chosen.

“I have been working with the council to come up with a new make for that street because they will have to do a resolution to endorse that. We’ve tossed out some different names. We’ve looked at Triangle Drive, we’ve looked at Flying Creek Drive,” said Mayor Sullivan.

Colonial Acres is the largest neighborhood along the stretch of road, but Mayor Sullivan says several new homes will be built there soon and before that happens a new name will be announced. For now, Triangle Drive is the top pick. The name comes from the shape of the land there, which is an area referred to as the Fairhope Triangle.