FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WKRG) — Fairhope Police have seen a recent uptick in identity theft cases, ranging from calls, texts and surveys and quizzes on the internet.

The one phone call that you should not pick up is a spam risk call or a number you do not recognize. You should also be aware of online surveys. These are just two examples of possible identity theft situations, and that’s what the Fairhope Police Department has been seeing more and more reports of recently.

Fairhope Police Department Lt. Shane Nolte said two incidents happened consecutively Tuesday.

“Four in July, two in August, seven in September, and right now we are at three for the month, and we are only halfway through the month,” Nolte said.

Nolte said criminals are using identities in a variety of ways.

“The most recent ones have been banks accounts being opened in people’s names, using their information,” Nolte said. “One was a loan for around $25,000-to-$50,000.”

Nolte wants to remind people of all ages to be careful.

“Do not put any of your personal information out there,” Nolte said. “Use things on your computer that is going to protect your information. Do not always use the same password obviously for your accounts.”

Fairhope Police say if you are someone who believes someone has stolen your identity or trying to, report it immediately to your local law enforcement agency.