FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WKRG) — Fairhope High School’s ensemble group, taught by Diane Ham, has just been invited to a once and a lifetime performance.

“We are going to be singing at the Governor’s prayer service,” Ham said.

That prayer service is Monday morning at First Baptist Church in Montgomery. The governor’s swearing-in ceremony and a parade will follow.

Victoria Hardy is a 10th-grader ensemble member and she is thrilled about the opportunity.

“It’s just, such an incredible opportunity because you would never think a lonely high schooler from Fairhope, that you would get such an opportunity like this so I am just really excited,” said Hardy.

Fairhope High School Ensemble was the only school out of all high schools and universities in the state of Alabama to be chosen. The group will head to the capitol Sunday afternoon. Students have been preparing for this for weeks.

“I am very excited and I am nervous because I want to get it right, but I think we have done really well because we changed and there has been a lot of changes come up, and I think we have all handled it really well,” said Senior student John Thomas Freeman. What makes this performance even more special is that the group will be performing acapella. Ham says she is ready to represent Fairhope High School with such a talented group of students.