FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WKRG) —Roads of Hope is a Fairhope-based group, whose original focus was to help rescue Ukrainian orphans. 

Since Russia’s attack on Ukraine in February, the group’s mission has changed as they are now assisting as many refugees as they can.  

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Roads of Hope broadened its assistance by helping as many orphans and refugees as they can who have fled to Moldova for safety.

“They ended up going west to little Moldova, the poorest nation in Europe,” said Savage. “So this vast number of refugees have come through here and are here now. So we began to take care of them, feed them, house them, transport them, and so forth…”

Savage said they have 500 refugees in the nearly 50 homes they support in Moldova, and about 2,000 people coming to their refugee center.

“Putin has made some threats against Moldova where we are right now, and they have already begun to move people around.,” said Savage. “So those troops are manned up and ready to go and our intelligence is telling us it’s going to get very dangerous here before long…”

Roads of Hope will begin evacuating refugees as soon as Monday.

“You know the Russian’s presence is here right now… starting tomorrow, were actually evacuating all of our older teenage girls… in the last 48 hours are transitioning from helping refugees to the ones that are actually becoming the refugees because we’ll be leaving Moldova and heading into Romania so we’ve been trying to set up accommodations for these young girls because we have got to get them out of harm’s way.”

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