FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WKRG) – The training is open to anyone in Baldwin County and organizers expect a large turnout.

“Walmart, the churches, schools, places of business. It could happen anywhere and knowledge is power,” said Fairhope Christian Church Pastor Rick Malugani.

It’s those thoughts that have church leaders and law enforcement in Fairhope preparing this week.

“We’re using this platform as a way to get out in the public and make them more aware of active shooter events and how they’re becoming more prevalent,” said Sgt. Jason Williams with Coastal Alabama Community College Police. “It’s not meant to scare anyone, but better inform the public of how we deal with these things.”

Fairhope Christian Church is hosting active shooter preparedness training Thursday night with the help of Coastal Alabama Community College and Fairhope Police. The training will start with officers explaining how you’ll likely react to a threat, then they’ll start the exercises firing blanks to simulate gunfire.

“The second part of the practical application will be putting them through an actual event where they’ll have shots being fired and just having them go through what we’ve taught them as far as what to do during that situation,” Sgt. Williams added.

It’s about as real as it can get for training he said, but Williams tells us it’s the best way to prepare yourself and loved ones for an active shooter threat. It’s something church leaders hope they never have to experience, but Adam Swedenburg, who serves as the youth pastor, said he wants people of all ages to have the knowledge and know how to react.

“There’s a lot of youth that are excited about it, but at the same time they’re nervous about it,” said Swedenburg. “They’re nervous about how it’s going to be and what they’re doing and stuff like that.”

The training is free and will take place Thursday night from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. You’re asked to RSVP to the church so they know how many guests to expect.