FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WKRG) — A new business preparing to open on the Eastern Shore next month is dealing with a few setbacks this week after someone stole a cargo trailer full of tools to finish building out the space. Cooking equipment was also inside the trailer and now the owners are asking you for help.

The cargo trailer was parked beside a retail building on Highway 98 in Fairhope for several weeks, but on Sunday night it vanished.

“It’s very frustrating that we put our money into it and somebody thinks they can just come up and take it,” said Lilly Vinzant.

It’s upsetting for Rich and Lilly Vinzant who said the stolen trailer will delay some of their plans. They’re not only opening a coffee shop in Fairhope, they intended to use the cargo trailer as a food truck once the business opens.

“It had an air conditioning for the trailer, it had all of the metal shelving for the kitchen, various things. There was a cooler, a refrigerator, water heater stands,” said the couple.

Cooking equipment was also inside. The pair said someone cut a padlock and got away with the 2021 16ft black trailer they recently purchased for about $7,000. They’re hopeful someone will see the trailer and call police.

“If not then we’ll have to do an insurance claim on it and see what we can get replaced. After that it’s pay out of pocket for whatever they won’t pay for,” said Rich Vinzant.

Fairhope Police said they’re investigating, but so far have no leads.

“We have never felt like we’ve needed to really watch our stuff that closely in Fairhope. I mean it’s pretty shocking,” said Lilly Vinzant.