FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WKRG) — The City of Fairhope briefly suspended The Little Whiskey liquor license after a fight broke out Friday. It’s the latest in a string of complaints made against the bar.

Mayor Sherry Sullivan agreed to lift the suspension but only if the bar gets its act together.

“We have asked them to do things like make sure that the bouncer is checking IDs, make sure that nobody under the age of 21 is in the establishment, and to just add extra security measures to keep everyone safe,” Sullivan said.

By city ordinance, The Little Whiskey must close at 2 a.m. but the city said the bar has been staying open past closing time.

We spoke with owner Bobby Kilpatrick, who explained the changes he’s now making.

“We are going to close an hour early, do a hard closing, instead of a buildup, turn the lights on, everybody out, and then let the city officials do what they do,” Kilpatrick said.

City officials also addressed complaints about underage drinkers.

“We have a 7-point plan to check IDs and we are not going to reopen until our guys on our security team has been trained on how to do that and how to look for those things,” Kilpatrick said.

Mayor Sullivan also said that Kilpatrick and his team have been cooperative and believe that once the changes are implemented, they will be able to operate normally.

If The Little Whiskey bar owner and employees do not comply with requirements that the city has enforced, the next consequence could be that they lose their liquor license.