UPDATE: Spanish Fort Elementary is asking people, if they can, to donate to this family.

UPDATE(1/25/22 1:34 p.m.) — Spanish Fort Police Department has confirmed the victim that died in the fire Tuesday morning.

Chief Barber confirmed Cheryl Montrone, 41, died in the house fire.

SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WKRG) — A fire before dawn kills a woman in a Spanish Fort. A man and three children made it out alive. Large fire trucks crowd a narrow part of Spanish Oaks Drive Tuesday morning. The fire was called in before 4 am Tuesday. Neighbors say it’s a terrible loss.

“That was my friend and it’s bad, it heartbreaking,” said neighbor Sandy Autrey. Neighbors say they were woken up by the noise and first responders well before dawn Tuesday morning.

“Looking outside the window, seeing the fire coming up over the treeline, it shook us pretty bad,” said Tanya Jordan. Neighbors say they’re lucky more people weren’t hurt.

“The little girl, she got them up and told them to get out of the house,” said Autrey. “I hope the kids are ok and they left with their grandmother, I’m praying for the kids.” They also offer their condolences and prayers to the man who survived. Early on, officials knew four survived but there was so much damage it took longer to confirm one didn’t make it out alive.

“The structure is burnt down pretty much to the ground, it was a trailer the cause of the fire will be handled by Spanish Fort Fire and the state fire marshal,” said Spanish Fort Police Chief John Barber.