LOXLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — A months-long investigation into a drug distribution ring in Loxley has landed two people in the Baldwin County jail and more arrests are likely according to Baldwin County Sheriff Hoss Mack.

“Lawd have mercy,” says Theodore Lett. “Too much traffic.”

Folks living in Loxley Heights say it was common knowledge what was going on in a mobile home off Loxley Heights Road.

“There’s too many children up in here,” says Lett, “and I don’t like children to be caught up like that.”

After an investigation that went on for months, the Baldwin County Drug Task force arrested Quincy Prim and Jimmy Lee Salter on more than a dozen drug charges including trafficking in methamphetamine and cocaine.

Sheriff Mack says Prim was the main target.

“When you have an individual such as this a true pestilence in that community,” said Sheriff Mack. “People in that community stepped up. They were tired of it. They didn’t want this to continue.”

Along with meth and cocaine, investigators also confiscated hydrocodone pills, spice and marijuana.

“He wasn’t just a dealer of cocaine or a dealer of meth he was a dealer of it all,” says Mack.

Spice, crack and powdered cocaine, methamphetamine are among the drugs confsicated in bust.

Lett is Prim’s uncle, his nephew has been in and out of jail over the last 20 years but he thought this time was different.

“He had got him a job and I thought he had left that mess alone,” said Lett. “He was working and I thought he was doing good.”

In a community where everyday struggles are compounded by the actions of a few Lett says there is now a little peace. “I think this was the biggest one. I think they got everybody scared now so they should be alright.”

Prim and Salter remain in the Baldwin County jail on state charges. Mack says the U.S. Attorney’s office is also reviewing the case and federal charges could be forthcoming.