GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG) — A difficult start to the summer season with lifeguards pulling dozens of people from the gulf waters over the long holiday weekend.

“I saw the lifeguard jump out of the lifeguard stand and take off running,” said DeLisa Fulenwider, who was vacationing with her family in Gulf Shores. Sunday afternoon she watched as lifeguards dropped from a helicopter, others running into the water from the beach, after a call came in about swimmers in distress off West Beach. “They pulled people, probably about six or seven people, out of the water and got them up here and they were working on them for a while, ” said Fulenwider.

Four of them would be taken to the hospital. All of them are expected to be okay.

That rescue was just part of the dozens of rescues reported by lifeguards in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach where one person was in trouble and others trying to help ended up having to be rescued too. “Because we want to help people but in that, all of them were in trouble,” said Fulenwider.

There is a safer way to help according to Chief Beach Safety Lifeguard Joethan Phillips. “The main thing is to not enter the water. As hard as it is for people that do want to help and we understand that, but it just creates more victims for us when they can’t get out,” said Phillips. “Call 911, try to throw the person a float or something like that but do not enter the water.”

Over the long Memorial Day Weekend, Gulf Shores lifeguards reported 28 rescues and 10 assists. Orange Beach lifeguards reported 27 rescues over the long holiday weekend.

There were two accidental deaths involving water over the weekend.

In Terry Cove in Orange Beach, the body of 51-year-old Danny Williams was recovered Sunday. According to Orange Beach Police, he went missing Friday afternoon after jumping from his boat. Sunday afternoon, a 61-year-old man from Kentucky died while snorkeling in the gulf waters off Fort Morgan.

Recovery efforts continue for Baton Rouge teenager Tyreke Walker. The 14-year-old disappeared in the rough surf off Orange Beach Saturday, May 21. His parents remain in Orange Beach.