FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WKRG)– Right through the Brenny’s Jewelry Company’s door sits Luis Valencia, a Rolex-certified watchmaker who makes and fixes watches all day. With the famous Fairhope clock being broken, Valencia knew he wanted to fix it.

“I had a store in Florida for 30 years almost and I have donated the clock for that town,” said Valencia. “So I knew how they operate and when I found out we were having trouble with this clock, I offered toget it fixed.”

Valencia said the cost of the repairs is around $1,500, but Brenny’s Jewelry Store will be the ones covering it.

“Obviously I had to take all the measurements on the length and width and then the electrical power coming into it and just all the technical stuff that I needed to find the mechanism to fit the case,” Valencia said.

Valencia told WKRG News 5 he is excited to take on a different type of project than what he normally does.

“I’ve always taken on watches as a challenge so I fix really super tiny watches and big watches so this big clock will be a little bit of a challenge to get everything working correctly,” Valencia said.

Valencia will begin the project in the next couple of weeks restoring time and tradition to the Baldwin County town.