DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG) — Leroy is a seven year old Coton de Tulear. In May of 2021, he got out of his home on Kingswood Drive in Lake Forest and ran away.

Robert Elleard, Leroy’s owner, said it was just a normal day at home when he accidentally left the back door open.

“I left the back door open to take trash out, maybe four or five inches wide, came back in and did not realize he was gone at first, called around to take him for a walk and I realized he was gone,” Elleard said.

The Elleard’s also said when Leroy would manage to get out, he was usually found wondering around in the woods, behind their house, but this time he wasn’t there.

Right away the family started a search for Leroy.

“We started getting on social media, calling the shelter everyday, going all around putting signs up, and just going door to door,” Elleard said.

More than a year later, the Elleards started to think the worst. Karen Elleard, also Leroy’s owner, said that after time went by, it was hard to keep hope.

“Where we live, there are coyotes, rattlesnakes, foxes,” Elleard said.

On Monday, they got a phone call they weren’t expecting.

“She said ‘this is officer Payne with the animal shelter, we have a dog with a microchip that has your information, and have you lost a dog?’ And I said ‘yes, we have, almost two years ago’, she said ‘well I have this dog and I can come bring him to you’, it was just incredible, we started crying,” Elleard said.

Someone in another Daphne neighborhood just two miles away found Leroy and took him to the shelter and after two years of living on his own, Leroy was finally reunited with his family with a thick coat of fur.

The family has advice for all dog owners. Leroy is now safe and and happy to finally be back home.

“Not only get the microchip, but get online and make sure to keep all the info up to date,” the Elleard’s said.