BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — It’s something many of us rely on daily, but some rural communities are still disconnected.

“As the county continues to grow so do those rural, unincorporated areas. Those subdivisions that are popping up in the middle of where there is no current connectivity becomes a problem,” said Brian Peacock, Baldwin County’s CIS Director.

That’s why there’s a big push by Baldwin County officials to make high-speed internet available to all residents by 2025, but that might be too hefty of a goal after taking a closer look at the project’s scope.

“You have to have the labor. You have to have the material. We understand with all industries both of those are in shortage right now,” Peacock explained.

Last year a survey began circulating to county residents to determine who has access to the internet and where. This month Peacock is asking residents once again to provide those details so he can present current information to the county commission, hoping to take advantage of federal grant money that’s expected to trickle down.

“The more data that we have the more accurate we can be and more information we’ll have to move forward. What type of speeds are you getting? Do you have no internet service at all, or is it just a slow speed that is not providing you the needs that you have,” said Peacock.

The county’s survey also includes a speed test so you can accurately determine how fast your internet service is. Last year, several thousand residents responded to the survey. So far this month only 600 surveys have been submitted.

Click here to take the survey.