DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG) — Police in Daphne say they have made two arrests in a July murder and are looking for a third suspect.

Cortez Gonzales, 23, from Spanish Fort, and David Sampey, 43, of Daphne are in custody and charged with murder in what police called a “targeted attack”.

“Both of them set the victim up to rob him,” says Sgt. Jason Vannoy with Daphne Police.

Franklin Crandall, 33, of Daphne, is also facing charges of tampering with evidence.

“As soon as he (Arnold) pulled up, Mr. Sampey pulled in behind him and parked his car and got out and that’s when Gonzales approached with a mask on and actually fired the shots that killed him,” said Vannoy.

Police say Arnold was ambushed. “He had made it known on social media that he was coming here,” says Vannoy. “He was known to carry around cash and both Gonzales and Sampey knew this, they knew where he was going to be at a specific house and that would be Mr. Crandall’s house.”

It was July 27 when Sawaida Arnold returned home for a visit. He had just pulled up into the driveway of Crandall’s home when three men approached his Dodge Challenger and the shooting began.

Sawaida Arnold, 34, was killed on July 27, 2022.

The charges come after a Baldwin County Grand Jury reviewed the case. Both Gonzales and Sampey are already behind bars after arrests for probation violations earlier this year. An arrest warrant has been issued for Crandall.

Police say they know Arnold had a fanny pack with a large amount of cash at the time of the murder. That fanny pack has never been recovered. Investigators say robbery was the motive in the killing.