DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG) — Most days, you will find Chris Clementson doing some kind of construction work. He calls it a “regular job.”

But there is nothing “regular” about the job he started Tuesday. He’s building a ramp for his neighbor free of charge. Aly DeLancey has been in a wheelchair since a traffic crash three months ago.

“I was underneath the dash when I came to, and I was pinned, and they had to cut me out,” DeLancey said. “I could feel the damage in my leg. I could feel it.”

After two weeks in the hospital, she was released and has basically been confined inside her house for the last three months.

“My biggest fear was a fire happening, and then I would be stuck inside,” she said.

Last week, a Facebook post to her Lake Forest neighbors almost immediately got a response from Clementson.

“Within like 24 hours he was over and checking out the scenario,” she said.

“I just felt the need to go ahead and help out,” Clementson said.

He is donating the labor and material on a job that would easily run around $3,500.

“I think he’s a hero, to be honest,” DeLancey said.

Those words were worth more than any paycheck to Clementson who overheard her comment.

“I stopped while I was working to soak that up there,” he said. “I haven’t heard that before, but it’s a great feeling.”

In a couple of days, his work will be finished, but a friendship, they say, is just getting started.